1. What is a DAPP?
2. Learn about Peer to Peer Networking
3. Learn some Node.js basics
4. What is a Blockchain? also check out this nice sample blockchain demo
5. Learn about Public Key Cryptography
6. Build your own Blockchain using Javascript
7. What is Cryptocurrency? Learn the history of Cryptocurrency
8. Learn about Ethereum: Ethereum white paper , Ethereum yellow paper, Ethereum Virtual Machine, Ethereum Development Roadmap, Proof of Work vs Proof of Stake, and Reading State vs Changing State on the Ethereum blockchain.
9. Learn Solidity and how to write smart contracts. Learn about Solidity vs Javascript. Keep an eye out for Vyper
10. Learn about the 3 main environments to run your DAPP: Javascript VM, Ethereum Ropsten Test Network, and Ethereum Main Network
11. Learn about ABI (Application Binary Interface)
12. Build your own DAPP using: RemixIDE, Metamask, Web3.js — Ethereum’s API, and the Truffle Framework
Deploy your DAPP and smart contract on the Ethereum Main Network